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NDIS Changes to How They Fund Supports In Employment

June 17, 2020

NDIS Changes to How they Fund Supports In Employment

From the CEO

This News Update is IMPORTANT for all Participant Supported Employees and their and families.

The new NDIS Price Guide 2020/2021 released earlier this month by the NDIA will make some significant changes to the way Supported Employees (Participants) receive funding for supports in employment within their NDIS plans.

A most notable change will be where the funding provided sits within your plan. Until now supported employment funding has formed part of the capacity building budget, whereas in the future this will be reallocated to the core supports area.

Mobo Group staff will be liaising closely with Participants through our normal workplace toolbox meetings and other forms of communication to help explain these changes. These communications will be managed by the Employee Development team.

Our aim is to work with you to make the process of change as simple as possible for Participants to navigate.

Participants and families are encouraged to reach out and contact us with any questions you have at any time. We are here to help explain how these changes may affect you.

We are waiting for further guidelines from the NDIA to better inform Mobo Group of the processes needing to be followed with regard these changes.

We have received from the NDIA two documented communications which introduce the change to Participants.


The NDIA have designed these to explain how Participants working in supported employment will be funded through their NDIS plans. The two (2) documents received are attached to this memo.

• One (1), is titled, “Information for participants working in an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)”.

• The second (2nd) document also from the NDIA, is an Easy Read Accessible Version titled, “Changes to how we pay for your work supports”.

The new price guide comes into effect from the 1st of July 2020. The process of transition commences immediately for any new Participants.

For existing Participants, the process of transition to the new price system will take place when your NDIS plan is renewed or sooner when circumstances necessitate a review.

There is much about this change process that we are still to learn, and we will be keeping all Participants and their families informed as new information comes to hand.

The most effective way that we can reach all Participants and their families is via the Mobo Mates registration at our website which ensures email updates and any associated documents are included as attached files for your viewing.

The website itself can always be referenced directly. Of course, we will be speaking with Participants at work daily and our office phone lines are open during business hours if you have any questions.

Assuring you of our support and assistance during this transition.

Best wishes

Andrew Ramsey






 Information for participants working in an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE)


 Changes to how we pay for your work supports - Easy Read






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