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Are you looking for the right employee?

Finding the right people for your workplace can be challenging and you may not know where to start when you commence recruiting for an employee. Expanding your workforce to be inclusive of jobseekers introduced through a Disability Employment Service (DES) can be very beneficial to your business adding to your existing employees and workplace culture.


There is much evidence showing that jobseekers who become engaged in open employment with the support of a DES provider are some of the most reliable and valuable employees that the receiving organisations ever find.


With over 55 years’ experience in disability employment services we understand how important it is for your business to recruit the right people. Our jobseeker clients are individuals with a variety of skills and abilities and our Employment Support Officers will work closely with you to discuss your specific business needs.


Why should you employ someone living with a disability?

These days, more and more people with disabilities are joining the Australian workforce. But while many businesses are recognising the value of a diverse workforce, we still have a long way to go.
Did you know that people with a disability are still almost twice as likely to be unemployed (with an unemployment rate of 10% compared to 5.3%)?

And for people with a mental illness or intellectual disability, the numbers are even higher with over 20% of people being unemployed.

So why should you consider hiring somebody living with a disability? There are some tremendous reasons why they can make a great addition to your team. These include:

  • Reliable and can be counted on
  • Productive
  • Good work ethic
  • Promotes a sense of community in your workplace

Mobo Group helps get employees ready through:

  • Pre employment preparation
  • Resume development
  • Work trials
  • Assistance with work placement expenses such as uniforms, tools, licenses
  • Wage subsidies
  • Workplace modifications
  • Job mentoring
  • On the job support

Benefits of working with Mobo Group

  • Improvement - With a strong focus on continuous improvement, our team regularly review the performance and value of each job placement with the employer and assist with planning any additional training or supports which may be required.
  • Recruitment of jobseekers through Mobo Group will help you build and a diverse and accepting workplace.
  • On-going support of any jobseekers placed with your business from one of our friendly Employment Services Officers ensures you have the support and information you need readily available to get the most out of the employment relationship.

Our service is FREE and we provide long term solutions that go beyond the recruitment process.


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