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The Attitude and Enthusiasm Difference

The Attitude and Enthusiasm Difference

October 22, 2019

Is it an attitude of enthusiasm that makes a difference, or is it the environment which influences the attitude and level of enthusiasm in people?

This is yet another chicken and egg question. What comes first? And, does it matter?


One of the great benefits of working in the disability sector is the privilege of working alongside people who have the most genuine enthusiasm and positive attitude each and everyday they come to work regardless of what else might be going on. Observing this, it is hard not to reflect the same back at people.


Ok, so we all know that not everyday is perfect and we all have our ups and downs, as do I.
By and large though, most days I am incredibly humbled by the enormously positive attitude and enthusiasm which accompanies the supported employees who come to work at Mobo Group.


Thinking about this and reflecting on a Blog Post by Seth Godin, made me think about this subject further.


In his blog titled, "The enthusiasm correlation", Seth posed the question: were they enthusiastic because it was a great event? Or did it feel like a great event because they were enthusiastic?


It is my view that both cases hold true. That is to say, if people come to work with a great attitude the environment in which they work will feel great, and in much the same way if we create a great work environment, people will be inclined to have and maintain a great attitude. And with a great attitude naturally comes a higher level of enthusiasm.


Notwithstanding the fact organisations must take some responsibility for the work environment, there is no mistaking the fact that people are the influencers. Yes that means you and me. Taking this concept further, it makes sense that with 12 different sites operating across diverse geographic locations it is up to each and everyone of us to create the environment we want through the attitude and enthusiasm we bring to work.


Over to you to create the environment that you want.
What ideas do you have for making the work environment the best it can be for your team?

We can all be the difference. It is simply a matter of choice.
Thanks to the team who help me adjust my attitude when it needs it.
This is what great teams do.

How great is your team?


Andrew Ramsey,






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