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Supporting Employee Independence

Supporting Employee Independence

August 24, 2021

Supporting Employee Independence

The team at Salvage & Save Windmill Hill have created several visual job cards, to help increase our supported employee’s workplace independence and help employees achieve their goals!

Going the extra mile, the staff have created AM and PM cleaning roster aids, as well as end of day tasks visual aids. Employees can use the visual aid roster and tick their way through the roster or complete their assigned end of day task. These aids allow everyone to be involved in all the tasks and learn new skills!

The team at Windmill Hill have used real pictures of the workplace which has meant that the aids have been successful with regards to supporting employee independence and creating relatability.

Every employee at Windmill Hill has improved as a result of these aids, and the team are implementing the creation of more visuals to continue supporting employees throughout their day.

We’re so proud of the team at Windmill Hill for enabling people living with disability to be the best they can be and support employment independence!

Pictured is Isaac new employee at Windmill Hill and supervisor Sheralee with the visual aids. 





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