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South Australia’s First State Disability Inclusion Plan

South Australia’s First State Disability Inclusion Plan

November 06, 2019

Inclusive SA was launched on 1 November 2019 and is the South Australian Government's first State Disability Inclusion Plan and Mobo Group were delighted to be a part of it.


Mobo Group CEO, Andrew Ramsey said this announcement could not have come at a more important time for providers of disability services, particularly those involved in providing employment and job related supports.

It is hard to argue against the value of employment for anyone, yet as a sector we struggle to gain the understanding, recognition and support for the enormous effort that goes into making jobs possible for people living with disability. Andrew says, that having a job is possibly second only to having good health as being what people want most in their lives. Having a job goes so far towards providing individuals with the independence they need to engage economically and socially in their communities. In addition to these benefits, the social networks and mateships which are building across the variety of workplaces that we at Mobo Group and others also provide, cannot be understated.


Knowing the State Government has recognised the value of "Learning and Employment" as one of the four key themes within the plan is terrific.
The importance of employment is further noted within the plan at Priority 12, which addresses improved access to employment opportunities and better support within workplaces. We look forward to working with government to deliver on the aspirations of the plan.


This positive news comes at a time when the NDIS is being significantly remodelled with respect to how employment supports will be funded in the future. With more than 20,000 people living with disability currently engaged nationally in supported employment and some 2,000 of these here in South Australia, it is essential we see the transformation be effective so that each and every individual who is currently engaged in employment remains in a viable and well supported workplace. This is not to mention the related but separate area of Disability Employment Services, which provides supports into open employment and is funded federally by DSS, as opposed to the more intensive supports provided in supported employment settings.


Directly employing some 200 people in supported employment, as well as assisting hundreds of other jobseekers in open employment through the DES program, Mobo Group is doing all that it can to provide "More Opportunities and Better Outcomes" to people living with disability, to be valued and productive contributors to society. Everyday our 70 staff who work across South Australia across 12 locations, spanning from Kingscote to Berri are inspired by the activity and achievement of our combined and blended workforce. These hugely positive social and economic outcomes can only continue with the full understanding and support of what we do by both State and Federal governments, as well as the general community. Right now, the level of understanding and support is bordering on risk of failure for some in the sector, and if one player is to weaken, we may all suffer.


This again highlights the essential nature of the commitment to create an accessible and inclusive South Australia, based on fairness and respect, as outlined in The State Disability Inclusion Plan.

Mobo Group looks forward to working together with State Government agencies, local councils and other stakeholders to reduce the barriers faced by people living with disability and to create more opportunities and better outcomes.


To see more about how Inclusive SA sets out the priorities and actions for the next four years, under these four themes:


• Inclusive communities for all
• Leadership and collaboration
• Accessible communities
• Learning and employment


Follow this link:

The priorities and actions set out in Inclusive SA are a further step which we hope will support a disability sector which is currently undergoing a major transformation, and is always seeking to improve access and inclusion for people living with disability.


Mobo Group will continue to be proactive and welcome all opportunity to work with government wherever possible, as we continue to deliver on our purpose, to enable people with disabilities and their families to be the best they can be.


To find out more about Mobo Group or to engage with us as a prospective customer, employer or employee, visit our website or phone (08) 8130 1800.


Andrew Ramsey





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