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Sam’s first wheat bag made thanks to a new magnifying light

Sam’s first wheat bag made thanks to a new magnifying light

April 11, 2018

Sam Reid is a Supported Employee based at our Mount Barker site “In Stitches”. Sam had a goal to learn how to sew an “In Stitches” Wheat bag. Due to Sam’s visual impairment, Sam found it difficult to see the sew lines and we had limited success with his sewing training because of this. Sam felt disappointed and was frustrated that he was unable to increase his sewing skills and challenge himself personally.


However, on a visit to the Royal Society for the Blind (RSB)  last month, Sam discovered a magnifying lamp that he thought may be able to assist him in overcoming his barriers. Sam was able to borrow a lamp from the RSB to see if it would help him with his sewing skills training.


Sam discovered that the magnifying lamp was a valuable visual aid which enabled him to see the sewing lines and help him work toward his goal of learning to sew! Not only was Sam able to use the magnifying lamp for sewing, but he discovered it could help him in his ACE training classes.


Sam’s supervisor approached the Employee Assistance Coordinator and together made an application to the Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) through JobAccess to fund the lamp as a workplace modification. The application was successful and a new magnifying lamp was purchased for Sam.


Since then, Sam has been working on his sewing training on a weekly basis, and has improved leaps and bounds. This week Sam sewed his very first wheat bag from beginning to end with little support. We are so proud of you Sam and are thrilled that you have been able to achieve your goal of being able to sew an “In Stitches” Wheat bag!








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