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Remembering Paul

Remembering Paul

February 16, 2023

Remembering Paul



Despite many of the wonderful things that happen here at Mobo, sometimes it’s the not-so-great things that remind us of how lucky we are to support and work with people that we do. Last week, Mobo said a very sad farewell to Paul, one of our very own from the Salvage and Save Windmill Hill site.



Paul had been a beloved part of our team since 2004, working for 19 years across our Salvage and Save and In-Stitches sites in Mount Barker.


Paul was always dedicated to his work, and one of the most enthusiastic among our team, often the first to arrive every morning. He constantly approached every job with a delightful ‘gloves on’ attitude, inspiring the entire team and customers, each, and every day.


Paul started every day, bright-eyed and eager to work with his beloved teammates and supervisors. He especially loved working outdoors, and was always the first to attend to customers, greeting them with a big smile. Whether he was sweeping leaves, shredding paper, potting plants, or calling ‘shot-gun' for rides to and from deliveries, he always approached his work with great enthusiasm and a genuine love for his work.



On behalf of our team at Mobo Group’s Salvage & Save Windmill Hill and In-Stiches, we would like to extend our most heartfelt condolences to Paul’s family, who is most affected by his passing.



While we are all deeply saddened by this loss, our Mobo family will, in Paul’s legacy, continue to approach our lives with the same enthusiasm and dedication that he did.



We’ll never have another like you, Paul. You’ll always be a part of the Mobo family. Your cheerfulness, friendliness, and passion in life with be greatly missed.



Rest in peace.





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