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Reach For The Skye

Reach For The Skye

September 15, 2020

Reach for the Skye
Born with a hearing disability, that has had a significant impact on her confidence; Skye faced many struggles when it came to gaining employment. Her shy nature prohibited her from approaching employers herself. Through Mobo Group, however, Skye was able to gain employment as a Customer Service Assistant at The Harbour Bakeryin January of this year and since then she has blossomed as a superstar employee.
She began working just a few hours a week which increased slightly over time as she became more confident and stronger in her role. 💪
When talking about her job, Skye said, “At first it was hard to remember all the prices and products because I was using so much energy trying to hear people, but after some practice and help from the other staff it got easier and became more natural”.
Her role is not without its challenges, but with her newfound confidence and the support of her friends at work, Skye is ready to take on any task. In fact, Skye has begun to take on new responsibilities at work including balancing tills and closing the business at the end of the day. If that wasn’t enough Skye is also studying a Certificate 3 in Business at Tafe, talk about a go-getter! 😱
Now 26 weeks post-placement support, we love seeing how devoted Skye is in her job and her studies and hope that she continues to work hard and create more opportunities for herself in the future. Who knows maybe one day we’ll see Skye running her own business?! 😊
A special thanks to Janene and the staff at Harbour Bakery for their support of Mobo Group. Skye is the second Mobo candidate to be employed by Janene and they’ve both greatly excelled during their time with her, this is a great testament to Janene and her business.
Great work guys! 😁




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