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National Disability Employment Strategy – Consultation Paper

April 16, 2021

Dear Mobo Mate,

Re: National Disability Employment Strategy – Consultation Paper

The Australian Government, Department of Social Services (DSS) released the National Disability Employment Strategy Consultation Paper on April 12th and is seeking feedback on the proposed vision, priority areas, and ideas of what we think could improve employment outcomes for people living with disability.

The consultation is open from April 12th through to 9:00am on May 17th.

Mobo Group encourages and welcomes any comments, feedback, and consultation on the paper from interested stakeholders.

At Mobo Group, we will be discussing the paper through our internal work-based toolbox and team meetings.

For any stakeholders external to our operations, we will provide an online video conference forum to enable interaction.

We also welcome stakeholders making direct contact with our office. This can be via email to [email protected] or phone 08 8130 1800.

The web link below provides a direct link to the DSS webpage where the consultation paper is available in a variety of formats.

If you require assistance downloading the paper or would like us to email you a copy directly, please email us with your request to [email protected]

DSS advises this paper has been informed by findings from the 2019 and 2020 National Disability Strategy consultation processes, discussion with key stakeholders, targeted interviews conducted with people with disability and various research papers and reports.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the consultation process can do so by directly writing to DSS.
Alternatively, we invite you to share your views, feedback, and comments on the paper with us here at Mobo Group.

Mobo Group’s response to DSS will consider and combine all the perspectives we gather throughout our consultation.

As always, we encourage anyone wanting more information to contact us so we can assist with any query.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Andrew Ramsey






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