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Mobo Group COVID-19 Update: 31st March 2020

March 31, 2020


Hi Everyone,


I am mindful this message is one of many COVID-19 Updates that people are receiving at this time. We recognise, it is important that we keep everybody who is connected with our organisation informed of what we are doing in as brief a form as possible.


The majority of our NDIS participants across the group continue to choose to come to work where we are observing all the safe physical distancing protocols advised by health authorities and government in addition to the increased hygiene practices.
For those participants/employees that are choosing to not attend work, we support you in your decision. This is a time where each individual will need to make a decision that is best for them alone and their individual circumstances. It is important also that you stay connected to our updates by observing the Mobo Group website, or our various social media channels for updates. If you need communications by another means, let us know and we will do everything we can to accommodate you.


All offices remain open at this time. There is however much greater flexibility available which makes it possible for remote handling of appointments in many cases. We advise all job seekers to contact their employment services officer by phone to discuss any questions you may have. As you will appreciate, face to face meetings are not advised except where necessary and always observing safe physical distancing guidelines. Don't hesitate to call for service and support.


Both Hindmarsh and Oakden packaging operations continue to service customers with a high demand for the services we offer. At this time we have not seen a drop in activity which is keeping employees highly engaged with minds focused on the good things about work.

Our business enterprises comprising of; Salvage and Save located at Goolwa, Windmill Hill, and Elizabeth are working to help the community to recycle, re-use, and reduce waste to landfill. Customers are being managed to safe physical distancing standards with only 6 customers in each site at a time. Firewood is in growing demand now as temperatures are starting to cool. Our paper shredding services at Victor Harbor and Mount Barker are also seeing increasing demand. The In-Stitches operation at Mount Barker and Fleurieu Lawns and Gardens continue to service customers and support our participants.

Customers are reaching out to us daily to know what we are doing and also to keep us informed of their management practices around COVID-19. These two-way communications ensure we stay closely connected to our customers, keeping them informed of how our activity is continuing to support their business. The cherished partnerships developed over time with our customers, is how we continue to build and grow our respective confidence in each other, especially during these turbulent times.
I take this opportunity to commend the efforts of all Mobo Group employees who are working hard, servicing customer orders. Our customers and the demand for their products and services reaches far and wide across the community. We are encouraged by knowing what we are doing is a significant benefit to our customers and those at the end of the supply chain.


In closing, we want to reassure everyone that we are here for you first and foremost, and we are very happy to listen to any questions or concerns you may have at these very changing times. We cannot emphasise enough that the health and well-being of everyone, both with and outside of Mobo Group is important to us. This is why we will continue to closely monitor the situation, keep you all informed and act as necessary to change what we are doing to conform with the latest advice from the authorities who are leading us in this situation.

Thank you as always to everyone for their support of Mobo Group and all that we do.


Yours sincerely


Andrew Ramsey





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