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Meet Mark

Meet Mark

December 10, 2020

Meet Mark …


Mark came to Berri Mobo Group Employment Services in January 2019, seeking assistance in finding employment. At the time, Mark was in a long-time relationship with his partner Rhiannon and had dreams and plans to propose to her – however, he knew that without a job, it would be difficult to pay for a ring, a wedding and to support her and their plans to start a family after marriage.

Employment Services Officer, Michelle worked alongside Mark to help him apply for all types of employment opportunities. Mark’s desired job was in fact working in disability with the aspiration to help and support others with who are living with disability.

In September 2019, Mark gained employment with Enhanced Lifestyles as an NDIS Support Worker after Mobo Group supported Mark in gaining appropriate clearances and the First Aid Certificate.

Today, Mark has officially been employed for 15 months and has now secured permanent hours. He additionally gained the consent from his girlfriend Rhiannon’s father for marriage and even designed the engagement ring! They are now happily engaged with wedding bells ringing for May 2021.

His perseverance and determination to succeed at work is admirable, and Mark was awarded the male attendant for the year at Enhanced Lifestyles SA.

We can’t wait to keep seeing Mark continue to grow in his profession and continue to support people living with disabilities to be the best they can be.






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