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Meet Amber

Meet Amber

January 15, 2021

Meet Amber….


Early in 2020 Amber sadly lost her employment due to the COVID-19 pandemic, when her employer chose to close their café.


Amber returned to the Berri Mobo Group Office at the beginning of July 2021, seeking assistance and support to get back on her feet and into employment again.


With the support of Mobo Group’s Employment Services Officers, Amber was able to gain employment at the “Berri Patisserie” within two weeks of reconnecting.


Since recommencing work, Amber advises staff that she is really enjoying her new position, is continuing to build her confidence and learn new skills.


Amber's employer is really happy with Ambers performance at work and her “Can do attitude”.


Great job Amber! We can’t wait to continue to see you flourish and grow!





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