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Initiative and Potential

Initiative and Potential

October 23, 2019

You have a choice. You can either be:

(a) The person that everyone sees as having so much potential, that you could be anything you want to be. A lawyer, doctor, president, astronaut. There are no limits. You have the potential to be and do anything you desire.


(b) The person who everyone recognises as someone that shows enormous initiative by getting on with things. You decide what needs doing, you are resourceful and you go about getting the job done.

So who do you choose? Who would you choose to save your life?
The person with potential or the person with initiative?
I know which one I'm going with.

Potential is untried and untested. It can't be trusted. Sometimes we find it didn't even exist.

Initiative on the other hand is special. Why you may ask?

The most wonderful thing about initiative is that it's FREE.
You don't have to pay for it. Even better than not having to pay for it, is that you can just take it.
Yes that's right, you can steal it and no-one cares.
In fact, the more initiative you take, the more that people around you are impressed by your actions.
You don't have to ask for permission, you don't even have to explain why you want it or where you are going to use it.
And here's the amazing part, it never ever runs out. There is always more to take.

See, the best things in life really are free!!
I don't remember who wrote the song, it had nothing to do with initiative, (or did it??), they wrote the song anyway.

Why not take the time to steal some initiative? It's not a crime, it's FREE.

Andrew Ramsey,





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