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Important Information re Disability Support Pension and JobKeeper Payment

May 01, 2020

Important Information re Disability Support Pension and JobKeeper Payment


This important information is for all NDIS participants who are supported employees and their family carers or advocates.


Attached to this communication are the latest communications sheets received from the Australian Government Department of Social Services with respect to the Disability Support Pension, the JobKeeper Payment an initiative to help employers maintain connection with employees during the COVID-19 situation.


These documents arrived to us this afternoon the 1st of May 2020.


Some supported employees (NDIS participants) did not chose to nominate for the JobKeeper scheme, whilst others of you did.


In the case of any supported employees who did nominate for the JobKeeper scheme, then  the adjustment of wages back paid to the 1stof April will have been reflected in the last pay cycle to you.


Everyone’s personal circumstances are different, so it is not a situation where Mobo Group can advise which is the better decision or outcome for one person.


That said, we do understand there can be a lot of frustration and confusion dealing with matters surrounding the Disability Support Pension.


We are here to listen to any concerns you have and will assist you where possible as we do very much appreciate the complex nature of these communications.


Because of this we invite anyone wishing to discuss any queries to contact us. You can do this by calling the main office number during business hours on 8130 1800.


Alternately you may email [email protected]


Best wishes for the weekend.


Andrew Ramsey



Download Documents:


  COVID-19 Impact on DPS and CP


  DSS Disability Support Pension JobKeeper Payment (Easy Read)


  DSS Carer JobKeeper Payment (Easy Read)






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