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JobKeeper Information

April 24, 2020

This communication is important information for all employees of Mobo Group as it provides everyone the latest available information with regard to the JobKeeper payment and how this is being managed at Mobo Group.

The attached Australian Government update;  Information for Disability Support Pension and Carer Payment recipients in response to COVID-19 , is important information particularly for supported employees at Mobo Group. The attached fact sheet received from the Department of Social Services outlines for those employees who are in receipt of a Disability Support Pension and other related entitlements how their individual circumstances may be affected and outlines your obligations in relation to any JobKeeper subsidy received in relation to your employment.

We recognise in some cases of supported employment that being included in the JobKeeper application will not be desirable for individuals and we want to reassure all supported employees that your decision to participate or not is supported by Mobo Group. We are here to assist you at all times, but as you will appreciate we are unable to provide financial advice or advise on individual circumstances.

The JobKeeper payment is available to all employees regardless of status. This is inclusive of eligible supported employees and staff across all casual, part-time and permanent positions. The update paper attached from the Department of Social Services aims to reassure individuals that they will not be worse off in cases where the JobKeeper payment is received.

It is a requirement that Mobo Group confirms in our application all eligible employees who wish to be part of the JobKeeper application. We now require your immediate response if you wish to be to be included.

Mobo Group will be applying for all eligible employees who have confirmed back to us by completing the JobKeeper Application form, that they wish to be included in our JobKeeper application.

It is essential that for any employee seeking to be included in the Mobo Group application for JobKeeper that we receive the application forms previously communicated back to us by close of business Monday the 27th of April. The application forms will be made available by links posted at our website.

We are here to assist you. If necessary, you may attend the Hindmarsh office site on Monday the 27th of April between 9am and 3.00pm to complete these forms if that helps you. Alternate arrangements may be possible with other site locations. These can be discussed by calling our office on 8130 1800.

We trust the information attached is helpful for you in making your decision.

Please appreciate the forms must be confirmed back to us by 4:00pm Monday 27th April 2020 for Mobo Group to have the necessary time to complete the application and payroll processing.
Kind Regards,
Andrew Ramsey
Chief Executive Officer



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