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Great Job Robert ✨

Great Job Robert ✨

July 14, 2020

Robert has been with Mobo Group for many years working at our Salvage & Save Windmill Hill site. He is a pro at building birdhouse feeders and when an opportunity presented itself Robert was supported in developing a new skill set. With the help from his team Robert has been learning some great new skills for restoring and up-cycling items.


One of his first big restorations was a park bench. He dismantled the bench, cut off the bolts, sanded and sealed the bench to restore it to its newfound glory. The team at Windmill Hill say that Robert has a great an eye for detail and has really taken to restoration, claiming that he would stay outside working all day if he could.


Roberts mum, Kate has always wanted to buy one of her sons’ items and so as a surprise for her birthday, Roberts dad decided to purchase the bench for her. She was so happy when she came to pick up the bench and very proud of Robert for all of his dedication. We look forward to seeing what you restore next Robert, keep up the good work!





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