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COVID-19 Update: Site Activity

November 18, 2020

Updated: 18th November 2020 3:50pm

Mobo Group is taking immediate steps to manage our operations in accordance with direction received from the South Australian Government.

An overview of the operational changes can be found and downloaded below. 

We will be maintaining daily updates of any changes to our activity via our website,

The website will be the most reliable source of information. We encourage any person connected to Mobo Group to register as a Mobo Mate to receive news updates as these occur directly to your inbox.

Information will also be communicated via our social media channels and email, however this cannot be guaranteed to reach all stakeholders.

If any person connected with Mobo Group and the services or products we provide, has any questions they may direct these to the email address [email protected] or call to our head office during office hours of Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.00pm on 8130 1800.

We thank everyone for their support.

Keep safe and well, we will update you each day.

Andrew Ramsey





Download Site Activity Document:

 Mobo Group COVID-19 Site Activity 2020






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