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COVID-19 Update 11/01/2022

January 11, 2022



Across Mobo Group, we have been very fortunate to not be too adversely impacted by COVID-19 infections to either supported or staff employees to date. For those who have been affected, we are pleased to hear that you are all either recovered or doing well at this time.

Whilst our business activities have been somewhat affected by the absence of supported employees, particularly across the two packaging sites which have seen attendance down to 50%, the absences are in most cases due to close contact isolation decisions being necessary as opposed to infections which is pleasing for all concerned.

We are managing our customer demands and their order delivery expectations through direct daily communications with all customers. Each day, we meet as a team and review the capability and capacity of our organisation wide operations and update customers accordingly, with the aim to avoid any adverse delays.

I must commend all employees across Mobo Group for their diligent approach in adhering to our COVID-19 management plan and protocols. Your attention to these measures will continue to help mitigate the risks that COVID-19 presents and with some good luck and continued good management by everyone, we look forward to sustaining our activities.

We are extremely grateful for the understanding and support of everyone at this time.

Please keep up the good work and stay safe.

Andrew Ramsey








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