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COVID-19 Lockdown Communication Update 23/07

July 23, 2021


Mobo Group COVID-19 Update

Making The Most of a COVID Lockdown

23rd July 2021


I extend best wishes to the Mobo Group Community for a safe and restful weekend.
I want to thank all our employees who responded to the lockdown directions in professional and supportive manner.

We hope we will be able to re-open our activities back to normal soon, but safety comes first.
The one place for everyone to reference for COVID-19 updates is
It is great to see the last two days have reported 2 new cases on Thursday the 22ndand 1 new case the morning of Friday the 23rd.
Lets hope this trend of low infection numbers continues so we can exit lockdown soon.
With total vaccinations administered across South Australia closing in on 770,000, we still have a long way to go with a State population of 1.771M.

Whilst vaccination is not mandatory, we will support you, so if anyone at Mobo Group needs assistance with booking or attending a vaccination appointment, please do speak with us to know if we can assist. 
Given our lockdown situation, perhaps this weekend is an opportunity to think creatively about all those things we can do around our home that we might have been putting off for some time.

Whatever that might be; read a book that has been waiting for you, sort through your clothes, clear the shed, try cooking something new and different, or just relaxing in front of the TV, I hope you can make a new experience or two.
I look forward to communicating further next week and keep my fingers crossed we can see everyone back to normal activity very soon.
Go the Crows and Power – keeping with the South Australian spirit.
Whatever you choose to do, please stay safe and warm.
All the best,


Andrew Ramsey






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