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COVID-19 Lockdown Communication Update 21/07

July 21, 2021

Mobo Group – COVID-19 Lockdown Communication Update:  21/07/2021


Why is Mobo Group Open?

  • We are a disability services provider providing employment supports to NDIS participants.
  • NDIS participants require employment support, and our workplaces engage them in a safe, secure, and well managed environment which they may not have elsewhere.
  • NDIS participant employees who choose not to come to work are supported to have leave.
  • Our EDO team will maintain contact with NDIS participants who are not at work.
  • Supervisors will keep NDIS participants attending worksites up to date with the information they require.


What must I do if I have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or visited an exposure site recognised by SA Health?

  • In any of the above cases you must not attend work.
  • You must contact your supervisor and explain the situation.
  • You will be supported and advised to get advice from SA Health on what to do next. This may include: getting a COVID test, self-isolating, or quarantine
  • The latest information is available via the SA Health website.
  • You must follow direction from SA Health and not attend work until advised otherwise by SA Health.


What are Mobo Group doing to keep participants and staff safe?

  • We are maintaining an up to date COVID-19 management plan.
  • Mandatory check in using a QR code or COVID record sheet when attending a site.
  • Management Team meet via Zoom daily to update and check on organisation wide updates.
  • We are maintaining a Q&A Fact Sheet to help answer questions in a consistent manner.
  • Communicating updates to our various channels daily.
  • Following all guidelines from SA Health and authorities on how to maintain safe workplaces.
  • Providing face masks when requested or necessary.
  • Social distancing measures are adhered to.
  • Maintaining sanitisation.
  • All persons in the workplace are regularly washing hands and practicing good hygiene
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces several times a day
  • We maintain constant monitoring of information and recommendations being provided by SA Health.
  • We are communicating with all our participants and staff daily through toolbox talks and 1:1 conversations to ensure information is consistent and current and adding information to our website. 


Are we required to wear a mask?


Commercial Customer Service

  • Our production order position and delivery schedule are reviewed each day by the Account Manager, Customer Service Officers and Site Managers.
  • Issues with meeting delivery are managed by the Account Manager.
  • The Account Manager will work with the CEO to coordinate action response with the Sales and Operations team.
  • Customers will be kept informed by the Account Manager of any issues.
  • Site Managers will keep the Account Manager informed of production status so customers can be kept up to date.

Is the Mobo Group Website and Latest News and Updates section the best place to go for information?

  • Yes, for Mobo Group information this is the best place. We will refer to SA Health and other authorities for updates and keep our material as up to date as possible.
  • Any queries or concerns with website functionality should be reported direct to the Marketing Coordinator.


What would we do in the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis at one of our sites?

  • Our first response is to ensure the safety of all concerned.
  • Any person identified with, or at risk of potentially having COVID-19 will not be permitted to attend the workplace.
  • We will contact SA Health and comply with all direction received.
  • We will inform under SA Health advice, all at risk employees, their families, and carers.
  • If there was a case of concern, a site closure may be a recommended response to undertake appropriate cleaning and sanitisation and only reopen when approved by SA Health. 


Will I lose my job if I do not come to work during periods of Government enforced restrictions?

  • No, we will work with you to support you with leave entitlements and provisions that you may have.
  • It is important you maintain daily contact with your supervisor/EDO by phone of any inability to attend work.


When is it safe for me to come back to work?

  • Mobo Group sites that can adhere to Government requirements will remain open and safe for you to attend. Sites that can not meet restrictions will be closed and communicated to all affected persons.
  • Personal circumstances such as an underlying health condition which puts you at greater risk of illness may mean you should not attend work. Your supervisor will work with you to support any leave absence required in such cases.
  • You should follow the advice of your medical practitioner to determine when it is safe for you to return to work.
  • If you are at home, because you have a family member with underlying health conditions that puts them at risk should you come into contact with a cold, flu or COVID-19, you should follow the advice of the family members medical practitioner to determine when it is safe for you to return to work.
  • If you are at home because your care organisation is practicing self-isolation, you are free to return when your self-isolation is over. During this period of absence, you may apply for annual leave (if available).
  • Our workplaces are adhering to Government guidelines to ensure the safety of all persons in the workplace, so you are free to return to work when able.


How can I stay up to date with Mobo Group COVID-19 Communications?

  • Via our website
  • We have increased our social media and website presence during this time, adding all relevant information to these sites. Mobo Mates registration on our website is the best and easiest way you can stay connected. If you are not registered, you can do so at


What role do the Employee Development Officer (EDO) team play and why do they contact me if I am absent?

  • The EDO team have a primary role for supporting the development of NDIS participants which includes overseeing the welfare of participants engaged at work and receiving employment supports at Mobo Group.
  • The EDO team reach out to any NDIS participant absent from work to check on welfare of the person and to learn if there are any supports needed from Mobo Group or others given the circumstances.
  • Being part of Mobo Group means we are all part of an organisation community with a clear purpose and common set of values, the ICARE values which guide us in supporting each other.

The content above is not advice and should be referred to only for information purposes as the situation and the requirements for best responding to the COVID-19 circumstances may change without notice. We will update our content on our website as soon as possible.  All updates will be added to the Mobo Group website with a date and time reference. Government resources should be cross checked by individuals before making any decisions which are outside of Mobo Group.


If any person connected with Mobo Group and the services or products we provide, has any questions they may direct these to the email address [email protected]  or call to our head office during office hours of Monday to Friday, 8.00am to 4.00pm on 8130 1800.


Keep safe and well, we will update you each day.
Andrew Ramsey






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