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May 04, 2020

Mobo Group: COVID-19

Frequently Asked Questions

Version: 2, Date: 4/5/2020


Q1. Does Mobo Group have an executive management plan for the COVID-19 situation and how is it managed and maintained

The Mobo Group COVID-19 management plan has been developed and is maintained to guide us in all aspects of our management response during this pandemic situation.

The management plan is reviewed by senior staff as new information becomes available, with updates shared with all site Managers to ensure appropriate actions are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone involved with Mobo Group.


Q2. What are Mobo Group doing to keep participants and staff safe?

The management plan details the response necessary to ensure the safety of all people who work with Mobo Group.  This includes ensuring:

  •  Social distancing measures are adhered to
  • All persons in the workplace are regularly washing hands and practicing good hygiene
  • Cleaning frequently touched surfaces several times a day

We maintain constant monitoring of information and recommendations being provided by SA Health, the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation.

We are communicating with all our participants and staff daily through tool-box talks and 1:1 conversations to ensure information is consistent and current and adding information to our website. 


Q3. Managing COVID-19 Communications

We are ensuring we have the latest and most up to date information through constant monitoring of SA Health, the World Health Organisation as well as the Department of Social Services.

We communicate daily updates to all sites through email, tool-box talks and 1:1 communications.

We have increased our social media and website presence during this time, adding all relevant information to these sites. Mobo Mates registration on our website is the best and easiest way you can stay connected.  If you are not registered, you can do so at


Q4. How are Mobo Group managing social distancing?

Our COVID-19 management plan identifies social distancing rules as a must at all sites.  At our Packaging sites we have spread out our way of work to ensure the workforce is more separated than normal ensuring adequate space between individuals, to maintain social distancing requirements. At our Salvage & Save sites we have limited the number of customers on site at any one time.  We have reduced participant numbers on our site which enables social distancing to be maintained.


Q5. How is hygiene and the practise of handwashing and sanitiser being managed?

We are promoting good hygiene daily through our tool-box talks and 1:1 conversations.

We are ensuring provision of soaps, hand sanitiser, paper towels and are asking all persons on site to wash hands more frequently than usual, this includes before and after breaks.

We are also cleaning frequently touched surfaces several times a day


Q6. What will Mobo Group do in the event of any COVID-19 suspected infection

Our first response is to ensure the safety of all concerned, and to follow all guidelines and direction of SA Health officials.  Mobo Group will ensure that any person identified to have contracted COVID19 is asked not to attend the workplace and self-isolate as per government requirements. 

We will report the case immediately to SA Health and respond as directed.


Q7. How are we managing work / attendance and flexibility?

We are maintaining a business as usual approach at Mobo sites as much as possible. One exception is the Kangaroo Island Café which was closed due to government restrictions on Cafés and airport traffic.

We are maintaining our output to our commercial customers and continue to support the local communities at the Salvage & Save sites as well as In Stiches and Lawns & Gardens.

Some administration staff are working from home to ensure the office can meet social distancing requirements.

Some participants have chosen to remain at home due to health risk factors or family requirements, and we look forward to welcoming these participants back to work when they are able and wish to return.


Q8. How are we doing things differently than we did prior to COVID-19?

Other than the social distancing, we have increased personal hygiene measures and increased the frequency of cleaning of touched surfaces.  Business is carrying on as normal as possible at Mobo Group sites. We have made minor changes at some sites to ensure we meet the governments guidelines, for example we have reduced the number of customers allowed on site at any one time at our Salvage & Save sites.

Some of our administration staff are working from home to reduce the number of staff at the Hindmarsh site, to ensure social distancing can be maintained.  We hold daily meetings via video conferencing to ensure we remain focused on our goals and to keep everyone across the organisation up to date on the latest developments.

Our Employment Services sites are operating a non-contact service with all supports being offered by phone or other media.

We are of course, asking any person who has symptoms of cold or flu not to attend work until they are better. 


Q9. In the event of a COVID-19 diagnosis at one of our sites, what is your response?

Our first response is to ensure the safety of all concerned.

Mobo Group will ensure that any person identified to have contracted COVID-19 is asked not to attend the workplace and self-isolate as per government requirements. 

We will report the case immediately to SA Health and respond as directed by them.

It is possible following a reported case that the site of concern would close for a period, whilst SA Health determine who, if anyone is at risk of contracting COVID-19 through close contact transmission. We would be required to clean the workplace as required by SA Health and only open when approved to do so by SA Health.


Q10. Are Mobo Group planning to close any sites?

We don’t anticipate the need to close any sites other than the Kangaroo Island Airport Café.  We follow the direction of Government and Health Officials at all times. All Mobo Group sites with the one exception of the Kangaroo Island Airport Café where we are creating new training resources to initiate new service delivery to reconnect with participants are open.

We have no plans to close any sites unless the COVID-19 situation in South Australia develops to a point where it becomes unsafe for one or more of our sites to remain open or we are mandated by government authorities to close.


Q11. Will I lose my job?

We do not foresee any job losses at Mobo Group as a result of COVID-19 as this time.


Q12. I am currently at home, when is it safe for me to come back to work?

If you have an underlying health condition that puts you at greater risk of illness, you should follow the advice of your medical practitioner to determine when it is safe for you to return to work.

If you are at home, because you have a family member with underlying health conditions that puts them at risk should you come into contact with a cold, flu or COVID-19, you should follow the advice of the family members medical practitioner to determine when it is safe for you to return to work.

If you are at home because your care organisation is practicing self-isolation, you are free to return when your self-isolation is over.

Our workplaces are adhering to government guidelines to ensure the safety of all persons in the workplace, so you are free to return to work when you are able.


Q13. When will normal events like the company picnic or Hindmarsh open day be back on the agenda? 

Any social events planned by Mobo Group are postponed until the government restrictions on functions, groups and social distancing have been lifted.

We will inform you as soon as we can when staff events are back on the agenda



The information above is not advice.  The information was reviewed as current at the time of the Version and Date listing in the heading.  The content may change and be updated at any time.  All updates will be added to the Mobo Group website. 







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